Welcome to Harvest Revenue Group

Harvest Revenue Group is a third party audit firm, and an advocate for suppliers and vendors to large retailers. We help clients get erroneous post audit claims and deductions of all types cancelled and repaid without disrupting relationships. We save time by taking the burden of the deduction defense process off the shoulder of salespeople and credit departments, while serving as an adjunct to the staff and processes they already have in place.

Because our auditors come from third party audit firms, we know how they think, what they write, and how to correct their errors. This allows us to put an exceptional level of expertise to work on your side of the ledger. Finally, we can give deduction issues sunlight and exposure to decision makers – many times who are unseen and unknown to our clients.

Your teams' mission is first and foremost to sell your product. You do not have unlimited time and resources to constantly defend against aggressive and creative claims. You need a firm that has superb data capture and analysis capabilities; a firm that will help you manage events from start to finish. We want to make sure selling your product efficiently and effectively remains your top focus.